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Oh My Gosh The Boxes Won’t STOP!

We can’t keep up with all with all the new goodies coming in from market.

We’ve run out of price tags even

Enough complaining

What’s Arrived

100_4981New Book By June McNight

100_4980Needles from France by Bohn

That we have been told they are amazing to work with.

100_4982Also from Bohin is a cool new toolkit for Raised work and Beading all nicely zipped up in their own case. And

Stitch Rippers

Stitch Rippers

Folding Stitch Rippers

In happy bright colors you can easily find

I found some wonderful slide top needle tins to seperate and keep your needles organized and labeled. Which brings to mind be sure to look at the cool Needle ID Cards that Access Commoditeies has put out . They are business card sized cards that ID your needles for you and tells you what one to use where and when!

There is so much more

OOPs two more things.

Julia’s Needleworks Shoe Trunk Show is here with very comfortable finishing.

Little Shoppe Canvas Company Trunk Show will be here next week as well.


A hint of the canvases that have come in

This one is from Maggie and Co.

Has a stitch guide too.

One of my favorites of so many new canvases to choose from

One of my favorites of so many new canvases to choose from

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