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Esther Yagoda                  Bonnie Nielson               LeeAnn Rapee

Our Tuesday morning group just completed their container project and again I am amazed at how the choice of fibers individualizes each one. We have a new project starting soon so call if you are interested in this great group.

 Cool Tools


 This daylight Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp is Maryann’s favorite.  According to Maryann, because the lamp is right under the glass there is no distortion and is the best for detail work.

Kathy swears by this slimline table lamp for everything from sewing machine tables to splinter removal duty. 


These needleholders with their magnets are even big enough to hold a pair of scissors.

  And of course you have to have a designer threader for all those needles in your new holder!

   These small scissors are reasonably priced and come in 3 colors. You can put them in your new  needle box above!

Just in Wall 


How Fun!!

The Final Touch     

Happy Hippo! 

Beile Edelstein has been pumping out ornaments at an amazing rate this year!

What could be more appropriate for Florida than Mindy Aikens flamingo coaster. 






                                                                              Barbara Bergsten Trunk Show

                             Arriving in April


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March 6,2012

Get the Point!

March 6-12, 2012  

New News



Our Madhatter classes are now scheduled for April 21 and May 19th form 2-4 p.m. We still have 2 spaces available so call soon if you are interested so we can get your supplies.

Mark your calendars…in April we will feature a trunk show by our new artist, Barbara Bergsten.

 The Final Touch



Phyllis Soldinger’s pillow came back from the finisher with stunning, bold fabrics and trims.





And we also think the finisher made some particularly complimentary fabric choices on Bella Vainstein’s pillows. 



 Are these not adorable?  Congrats Nancy Beale

Vicki Hucks had better send us a picture of her tree next Christmas because at the rate she is stitching she’s going to need a 20 foot tree. 


Bonnie Nielson stitched her family coat of arms which I am sure will be passed down for generations.  Beautiful job Bonnie. 




Stitch of the Week


Look See… our happy little fellow is almost finished.

Stitch of the Week for Friday, March 9th and Saturday the 10th is Shaded Colored Boxes.



Ongoing Beginner’s Group Classes: We are in the process of redoing our Beginner’s Class with a Fabulous new canvas by Barbara Bergsten ! We will have a picture of it for you next week!!

Cost is $140 which includes materials.  Call to find out when the next series begins.

Beginners On Demand 1: With the demands of today’s busy lifestyles, our one-hour beginner’s class fits anyone’s schedule. Tell us when you are available and we schedule the class according to your needs. You will learn both of the basic needlepoint stitches – the Continental and the Basketweave.

Cost is $65, which includes materials. Call to schedule the class.

Beginner’s On-Demand 2: This one-hour class extends the first Beginner’s On-Demand class to include the Scotch, Diagonal Mosaic, and Cashmere stitches, and is appropriate for anyone who knows the Basketweave or Continental stitch.

Cost is $65 which includes materials. Call to schedule the class.

Absolutely Fabulous Class: An on-going weekly class meeting Tuesday’s at 10:30AM.   A wide variety of decorative stitches are incorporated into a fabulous Holly-original design. Past projects have included tote bags, luggage straps, table runners, and picture frames.   Holly designs the canvas and the stitches; you choose your fibers and stitch a different area on the canvas each week. Cost varies according to the project and your choice of fiber. Call for more information

Sip and Stitch:  On Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30PM join us for a great way to meet and support other stitchers while working on any of your unfinished projects.  Wine and pizza is included in the $8 cost.  Guaranteed giggles and new friendships are free. We request you RSVP the day of so we have plenty of wine and pizza here. 

Stitch of the Week: Learn a new stitch every week on either Friday or Saturday from 10:30 – 11:30AM at our popular Stitch of the Week Class. In addition to learning a new stitch we will help you with its placement and fiber choice on our SOW canvas or a canvas from your own stash. 

Cost is $5 per class.

Stitching Social: The Stitching Social begins at the conclusion of Stitch of the Week on both Fridays and Saturdays.   Share your own talents and learn from other stitchers while working on an unfinished project. This is a lively and friendly group who share a passion for learning new needlepoint techniques from each other. 

Private Lessons/Studio Time On-Demand: If you want to learn more advanced stitches, get help with stitch and/or fiber selection for new or old projects, or just get our undivided attention for help with your needlepoint, just call and schedule a private lesson.

Cost is $25 for 30 minutes, $50 for an hour. 

Happy Stitching!

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